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Best Professional Packers And Movers In Pune Near Me With Charges

Keep that camera handy: Take photos of the items that you are going to ship. The photos can be of furniture, appliances and valuables.Best Professional Packers And Movers in Pune Near Me Charges

Take photos of your electronic setups: You can take photos of the electronics appliances set up so that the electrician can set up the electronic appliances (TV, computers, and other devices) at the relocated places in a similar way it was earlier.

Don’t overstuff boxes: It is essential to fill the boxes right to the top but not necessarily overstuff them to avoid crushing of the items. Do not add more stuff that the capacity of the box, leaving the items in your box in disarray and probably damaged.

Pack heavy items first: Pack your heavy items to the bottom and light weight above on top of it. It may seem an obvious tip, but this is essential thing to remember while packing your things.

Use small boxes for books: Books must be packed in multiple boxes as they come under heavy weight category. This ensures that the boxes don’t fall out and will also split the heavy lifting.

Checklist For Moving To A New State

Moving within India in two different states can be a daunting task. Moving can be tough due to new address, new regional cuisines, new city and new cultures. It can be cumbersome to do the packing all by yourself apart from the relocation pressure. But do not stress, we at Portxpackers, have compiled the relocation checklist for your reference. It is advisable to hire professional packers and movers in Pune for the same.

Things to keep in mind when shifting to a new state

Visit the new city/state in advance: Visit the place where you are planning to move, this will help you know what to expect. If you have not decided the place to stay, then this trip is even more beneficial. You can check out the places to rent out where you can move in. If you are moving due to job switch it is ideal to stay near to office to avoid the traffic jams.

Choose a school for your kids: If you have a school going kid, you know how difficult it is to get an admission into schools. So, prepare a list of good schools around and visit the school when you go to that particular state. Also, request the current authorities at the school to start with the paperwork at the earliest.

Find inter-state packers and movers: Hire a packers and movers who offer interstate services, not all the packers and movers provide the same.

Decide on the items to be transported: Packers movers in Pune charges depend on the quantity, weight of the goods to be shipped and the packers and movers Pune cost. So, check the items you really need and which you need to be shipped. For example, if you own a car which you hardly use, and are sure that won’t be of much use in new city, then it is better to sell off the old car. Once, you have finalised the items to be shipped, talk to packers and movers about the packers and movers Pune cost. Customers even get services of car movers and bike packers and movers in Pune with utmost safety on Portxpackers.

Make a plan for shipping fragile or atypical items: If you have exquisite paintings, piano, or a pool table and you need it to be shipped, then you must be shortlisting the top packers and movers. Confirm with top packers and movers having experience of delivering such items. If not, then consult a specialised packers and movers in Pune near me in your locality.

Create a binder: Make a folder of all the relocation related documents such as agreements (in case of transportation vehicles), receipts and agreements (for new place, if any).

Label the boxes: It is essential to label the boxes. For examples, cloths, books, vessels, etc. Mark fragile for items that need extra caution in transportation. Also, mention valuable on the box that carries fragile items.

Create videos of valuables: For expensive items and appliance click before and after pictures or record a video that need to be transported by packers movers in pune. This can of great help while processing a claim for professional damage to the item.

Disconnect non-transferable services and memberships: Discontinue the services which you no longer availing. For example, you newspaper or car cleaner, you should update them at least a fortnight in advance. Also, call the customer care teams of TV and broadband service providers. You may be able to transfer or relocate these services, check if this option is available. Discontinue the gym, library, club membership before you move out.

Call Your Health & Car Insurance Companies: Insurance is very tricky. Health insurance change the amount of sum assured when you change the cities. For example, if you are moving from a tier 1 city (Mumbai) to tier 2 city (Delhi), the amount will not change, but if you move to a tier 2 city (Pune), the amount will reduce. Check with your insurer about the impact you will have with change in city and switch to a different plan if need be.

Precautions To Take When Moving Your Valuables

Though packing and relocation seems a daunting task, but the more daunting task is the waiting time until your valuables are delivered safely. Though we go with the best packers movers in Pune, it is advisable to take extra precaution while packing your valuable possessions. Being extra careful, will keep your precious artefacts gifted by your loved ones or the vintage art pieces which you have so painstakingly collected, intact.

Remember the following points while moving your valuable possessions.

  • Create a list of inventory:
    Create a list of items you want to be handled with extra care. The list along with pictures will help you claim for loss against the company in case of any loss. Keep all your documents stapled and filed together.
  • Make space for the smaller items in your car/bag Small items such as laptop, jewellery and tablets can be safely packed in proper packages to carry with you to avoid the risk of losing them.
  • Purchase the right kind of boxes Pack your valuables like bone china and precious wall arts or costly chandeliers in tough boxes meant for packing. Do not use lose cartons or crates to double your tension. Make use of special foams and bubble wraps for items such as dinner sets, TV and other works of art. Label your boxes on all sides after you have finished packing. There are also cargo packers and movers in Pune who ease your work here.
  • Get insurance Ensure that your home insurance covers all your valuables. In case of loss or breaking of any valuable you can claim the insurance against them.
  • Pack your dishes sideways Pack your dishes sideways after covering in bubble wrap and brown paper. This will ensure that the pressure do not fall directly and break them.
  • Buy painter’s tape Use painters tape to mark the items as fragile, so that the workers handle these packed boxes with care.
  • Packing and moving is a task in itself but if you pack right, your burden is reduced to half. Always choose a trusted and experienced packers movers in Pune. With Portxpackers you can never go wrong, as all the packers movers in Pune associated with us are verified and approved.

Why You Should Hire local Packers And Movers in Pune From Portxpackers

  •  Verified Companies: Portxpackers hires only top-rated, government licensed and ISO-certified local packers and movers in Pune. All the local packers and movers in Pune undergo training before they are recruited on our portal so that our customers receive the best services every single time. Customers even get services of car movers and bike packers and movers in Pune with utmost safety on Portxpackers.
  • Competitive Prices: When you book relocation services in Pune with us on our website or app, you will receive quotes from 3-4 relocation services in Pune from the Pune packers and movers list. You can finalise one among these relocation services in Pune, based on their pricing, experience and reviews. In order to ensure fair pricing, we have offered an approximate cost estimate so that you are charged the standard rates.
  • Superior Packaging Materials: Belongings are priceless not only because of their value but because of the memories attached to them. The items can be anything from your grandmother’s dining set to your kid’s first school project, all you need is that these items to be shipped with care. Our relocation services in Pune use high quality material and break proof packaging that ensures your valuables reach out to you in time and in the same condition as they were packed. There are also cargo packers and movers on Portxpackers.
  • Portxpackers GuaranteeWe at Port x packers offer insurance cover of up to INR 10,000 against damages caused if any during relocation by our professionals. Though we have the best professional movers and packers from India, unintended mishaps can happen anytime so we are extra careful about the same.